About Institutes of Technology:  

What is an Institute of Technology? 

An Institute of Technology (IoT) is an exciting place to gain quality training and qualifications in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)-based subjects. With 21 located across England, Institutes of Technology (IoTs) are a national network of partnerships between local colleges, universities, and leading employers. Backed by a £290 million government investment, IoTs deliver the very best in technical education. From construction to cybersecurity, agritech to aerospace, IoTs offer quality education and training for coveted careers, designed, and delivered with local and national employers. 

What makes an Institute of Technology different? 

Rooted within their regions, and with employers at their heart, Institutes of Technology bring together the knowledge and expertise of their college, university, and employer partners into one place. Making it easy for learners and employers to identify how an IoT can meet their needs. Specialising in higher education, each IoT focuses on the specific technical skills need required in their area. Working in partnership with employers, ensuring they have a skilled workforce, IoTs also give students a clear route into employment through the delivery of quality courses and apprenticeships. 

What is higher technical education? 

Higher technical education (HTE) is a type of higher education that includes classroom-based qualifications – like HNC/Ds and Foundation Degrees - and higher apprenticeships. These courses are designed to lead to high skilled jobs, by helping you to gain the skills, knowledge and industry contacts that give you the best chance of getting the job you want. HTE courses are often shorter and cheaper than three-year Bachelor’s degrees, and the best of them will soon be given an approved Higher Technical Qualification (HTQ) quality mark by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IFATE). Look out for approved Higher Technical Qualifications from 2022 onwards. As well as helping you progress in your career, HTE can also be used to fast track to a degree if you want to take your education further. 

What is different about the East Midlands Institute of Technology (EMIoT)? 

The EMIoT has been created to meet the growing STEM skills demand 

Learner FAQs  

1. What courses and apprenticeships do you offer? 

All current courses and learning opportunities can be found in our Study section. Use our course-finder tool to find the right opportunity for you. 

2. Do you offer distance learning or night classes? 

Yes but this does vary by course. Follow links to the specific course(s) you are interested in to find the range of learning routes available. 

3. Why should I study higher technical education at an IoT? 

We have invested millions in our facilities, providing you access to state of the art, industry standard equipment and technologies that you will find in the modern workplace. 
IoT qualifications and training have been developed with respected industry partners and we continually review their content to make sure we keep them up-to-date. You can learn at the level that’s right for you and leave with the recognised qualifications and the work-ready skills you need to pursue a well-paid, rewarding career. 
We take diversity and inclusion seriously and offer lots of support and small-group teaching as well as the opportunity to study part-time and remotely. 

4. Who can apply for an IoT course? 

Anyone can apply for an IoT course – we welcome anyone with ambition who wants to make a difference in the place they work and the community in which they live. 
We are particularly keen to hear from people interested in subjects like engineering, digital or construction, but who don’t feel represented in jobs in these sectors. Double check the entry requirements for your chosen course on our website and you’re good to go. 

5. What kind of job prospects can I expect when I’ve completed my IoT qualification? 

Employers are at the heart of our IoT as core partners and members of our governing body. The courses offered are designed and delivered with employers, so you can be confident that the training you receive can be applied to the workplace immediately. 

6. Is there student loan support for IoT courses? 

Many of our courses qualify for student finance. Check individual course information for costs and funding options. 

7. What’s the social side of EMIoT like? 

As an EMIoT learner you will receive all the social benefits of your host education provider as well as access to an exclusive wider range of IoT events, activities and learning opportunities. 

8. How do I apply for a course at EMIoT? 

Applications are made directly to the host education provider (Derby College, Loughborough College, Derby University or Loughborough University) for the EMIoT course you are interested in.  

9. What happens once I finish my course or apprenticeship? 

Throughout your course you will be provided with careers advice, options for further study, information about employment opportunities locally and engagement opportunities with a wide range of employers. You will be supported to make the decision for you as you near the end of your course or apprenticeship. 

10. Do you accept international applicants? 


11. What are your entry requirements? 

This varies by individual course. 

Employer FAQ  

1. What are the benefits of working with an IoT? 

Working with an IoT provides opportunity to: 
tackle your current skills gaps and anticipate future skills needs; drawing on applied research 
develop and retain local talent, reducing the need to recruit from outside of the region 
access industry standard, specialist training facilities locally, reducing need to train outside of the region 
adapt and create learning provision that is tailored to your needs, more quickly 
enable your existing workforce to retrain and upskill, as well as attracting new entrants to the technical workforce 
access a range of skills providers through a single ‘front door’, making them more coherent and easier to navigate 

2. Do you work with employers of all sizes? 

Yes. Whilst we have a number of large employers backing the EMIoT, we particularly welcome SMEs to get involved and benefit. 

3. How can I work with an IoT? 

There are lots of ways – visit our Employers page for more information 

4. What education and training options can you offer to my employees? 

All current courses and learning opportunities can be found in our Study section. Use our course-finder tool to find the right opportunity for your business and employees. 

5. Can I promote my apprenticeship availability through EMIoT? 

Yes. Get in touch via our Contact form or email us at admin@emiot.ac.uk for more information 

6. Can you give me advice on hiring an apprentice 

Yes. Get in touch via our Contact form or email us at admin@emiot.ac.uk for more information 

Get in touch: 

To find out more about the East Midlands Institute of Technology please complete our Contact form or email us at admin@emiot.ac.uk 
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